Mission and Operating Principles

“Kepha” is Aramaic for “rock.” We invest our capital with a back-to-basics approach focused on pre-seed, seed and Series A companies. We call this “Venture Building,” and it is what created the venture industry in the first place. It is the foundation, or rock, of venture capital.

Our Mission

  1. Be the entrepreneur’s first choice.
  2. Aggressively build shareholder value in companies that create massive change, propel innovation, employ thousands in meaningful jobs, and are good stewards of the community.
  3. Strive to “move the needle” for our entrepreneurs in the areas of business plan shaping, hiring, customer acquisition, partnerships, and strategy.

Operating Principles

  • Success = superior returns + integrity.  One without the other is failure.
  • The entrepreneur is our customer.
  • We have a deep commitment to our investors. We appreciate their trust and strive every day to exceed their expectations.
  • Our honor is everything.  It is never for sale, both in our work and in our personal lives.
  • One firm, one team.  In good times and bad.  One standard for all. 
  • Presume trust.  Hard questions are expected and should not be taken personally.
  • Seek the truth.  We are open, honest, and direct.
  • No spin.  We say what we mean, do what we say. 
  • Bring passion every day.  We too are entrepreneurs.
  • Foster respect.  It starts with us and emanates from there.
  • Be at cause.  We are proactive and take ownership of fixing problems.